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MADC's History

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Some highlights from MADC’s long and rich history:

First MAD convention held at Minnesota School for the Deaf, 1885.

The Association’s first President was Dr. J. L. Smith. Other officers were First Vice President, W. E. Dean, O. Hanson, and Treasurer, O. Gunderson.


The Minnesota Association of the Deaf (MAD) was established at the first Minnesota School for the Deaf (MSD) reunion, held June 24-27, 1885 at MSD in Faribault. 59 people, including 47 delegates, were present at the reunion. The general purpose of the Association was to promote the general welfare of the deaf residents in Minnesota and aid to them.

A constitution and by-laws to govern the Association were adopted in 1890 at the Minnesota School for the Deaf in Faribault. Amendments and/or changes to the Constitution and by-laws have been added at every convention since then. The Association was incorporated under the laws of Minnesota in June 1906.

A Golden Jubilee Convention was held at MSD in Faribault May 30-June 1, 1935, celebrating MAD’s 50th anniversary.

The Association’s first female president, Petra F. Howard, was elected in 1941 at the convention in Mankato.

The Association was the first in the country to affiliate with the National Association of the Deaf at the convention in Moorhead on August 3, 1957.


The name of the Association was changed to Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens (MADC) at its convention at Pengilly in July 1977.

MADC celebrated its 100th anniversary at the convention held at the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (formerly MSD) in Faribault, with a record attendance of 650 on August 15-18, 1985. This convention was one of the most memorable and enjoyable ones in the history of the Association.

MADC celebrated its 120th anniversary at its 56th biennial convention held in Rochester.

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